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Automated and Autonomous Legal Entities

AALE: Automated and Autonomous Legal Entities

This site is an MIT Legal Engineering open, collaborative research project to gather a list of automated and autonomous legal entity examples (eg corporations, LLCs, non-profits, etc). We are seeking to compile a list of any such products and projects, including web-based, blockchain-based, and enterprise implementations. This research may be part of an upcoming publication of the MIT Computational Law Report and may form part of an upcoming summit of people leading such projects planned for April, 2020 at Stanford.

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MIT Open Source Reference Implementation

Concurrently, MIT is rapid prototyping an open source reference implementation to explore what functions, components and processes would be required to encapsulate an entire business or other organization within a single, integrated system of data and applications. The hypothesis is that such an organization would provide near complete and real-time knowledge of the organizations activities, assets, costs, operations and other important information and patterns. It is likelise hypothesized that this encapsulated, integrated architecture would enable a unprecedented capability for rapid response and adaptation to external conditions and internal change management.

The purpose of inventorying existing examples of partially or totally automated and autonomous legal entities is to identify various approaches to achieving this goal and relevant best practices or lessons learned.

Components, Boundaries and Processes

This research project includes development of:

This research is intended to produce a generic model, framework and high level specifications that can be used by others to help guide and extend their automated and autonomous business entity projects or products in efficient, effective and interiperable ways.